Reduce Stormwater Storage Needs with Porous Pavements

Originally published by Presto Geosystems Porous Pavements Can Reduce Stormwater Storage Needs Pavements that allow water to flow through the surface into a base of open-graded base course (OGBC) can reduce the requirements for stormwater storage at the surface. Generally, OGBC provides at least 30% of total volume as storage capacity, storing water in the […]

Meet Sales Rep, Cap Boso

D2 is pleased to announce that Cap Boso has joined our Sales Team. Indianapolis native Cap has been in the construction industry for nearly two decades selling and installing products to various entities throughout Central Indiana. Cap’s long history in the construction industry provides him with a unique capability to connect people, projects, and products […]

Prepare Your Yard with Pavement Reinforcement

Originally published by Presto Geosystems Pothole Season Has Arrived! Spring thaw can be hard on your aggregate and paved Yards and Terminals. Paving failures, potholes and rutting are unfortunate byproducts of the moisture and freeze-thaw associated with winter weather, combined with the heavy wheel loads that are inherent in the industry. Potholes and rutting can […]

Meet Sales Manager, Craig Miskowicz

Craig Miskowicz joined the D2 team in 2018 and has nearly 16 years in the construction industry. As Sales Manager, Craig works with our talented sales staff to help ensure the best customer experience possible is provided. Craig knows that in this tight knit industry, customer satisfaction goes a long way; positive experiences for all […]

Railroad ballast performance improvement using GEOWEB®

Originally published by Presto Geosystems Every year, railroads dedicate a great deal of capital and maintenance expense towards the creation and upkeep of high quality ballast layers. Enduring well-designed ballast is quite literally the foundation on which a successful rail line operates. With ballooning rail traffic carrying heavier loads than ever, GEOWEB cellular confinement (Geocell) […]


Originally published by Milliken Infrastructure Project Overview A rail intermodal facility in the southeast had an existing steep slope armored with riprap that had deteriorated over time. A section along the slope had become a maintenance challenge. When standard practices started to fell short of regulatory requirements, the rail facility started to look for other […]

Curious About Coir?

Coir Fiber Products Difficult Jobs Made Easy… D2 Coir fiber products and our Vegetated Coir Log technology ensures that you will successfully install and establish native plants on any project site, regardless of project difficulty. Maintenance Free…  D2 Vegetated Coir Logs require no maintenance or watering after installation. Confidence… D2 Vegetated Coir Logs allow a […]

Maintaining Corrugated Metal Pipe with Concrete Cloth

Originally published by Milliken Infrastructure Concrete Cloth Case Study Customer: Noble County Highway Department Issue: One 12’ diameter CMP culvert with deteriorating invert in need of invert protection to extend service life. Installation dimensions: 100 feet long (CC8) Aging 8′ CMP culvert was showing signs of deterioration in the bottom invert. CC8 Concrete Cloth fabric […]

Cleaning Permeable Pavements

Originally published by Elgin Sweeper in Stormwater Solutions Magazine  For more than seven years, Wisconsin-based PaveDrain LLC has been manufacturing and installing a permeable paving technology in a variety of non-transportation critical areas, including parking lots, alleyways, sidewalks, emergency access roads, residential driveways, low-speed roadways and intersections, in cities and communities across North America. The […]

Green Infrastructure: 10 Things Every Civil Engineer Should Know

Originally published by Barry Fagan 1. Green, gray, or purple – it’s all infrastructure. – Infrastructure includes both built and natural facilities and process needed to sustain a healthy society. Required natural elements of infrastructure also deserve our stewardship but are sometimes dismissed by the practicing civil engineer. 2. Civil Engineers own infrastructure. – Civil […]

Gravel Pavers Meet Requirements for Permeability, Stormwater Retention

Originally published by Presto Geosystems Hurricane Sandy devastated the Atlantic coast in 2012—causing significant damage to coastal communities in many Mid-Atlantic States. During the hurricane, wind and water surges breached barrier islands and coastal protection causing unprecedented flooding which destroyed businesses, homes, trees, power lines and pavements. A luxury car dealership in Brooklyn, NY lost […]

MSE Vegetated Wall System

When the road between Little Eagle Creek and the Zionsville, IN golf course was in jeopardy of being compromised due to severe creek bank erosion, D2 Land and Water Resource stepped in and assisted with the bank stabilization design, and supplied an MSE vegetated wall system with turf reinforcement mats. Erosion control along Little Eagle […]

Green Infrastructure Regulations

Originally published by Anthony Kendrick  Why do we have green infrastructure? Is it simply a better way to manage stormwater in our cities – or do regulatory drivers relating to stormwater discharges encourage its use? What are the impacts of our federal regulatory structure on market demands? All of these questions are related. If you […]

2017’s Outlook for Construction

Originally published by Bob Adair  Contractors are optimistic, on balance, about the 2017 outlook for nonresidential and multifamily construction, based on the 1,281 responses to a survey that AGC released. About 46% expect the available dollar volume of projects they compete for in 2017 to be higher than in 2016, while 9% expect the volume to be […]

Hybrid Bank Stabilization

Tibbs and Banta Landfill Riverbank Fill Slope In the winter of 2002, the City of Indianapolis took action to address a critical erosion along a section of White River. Erosion along the river bank had exposed landfill debris and was threatening to expose a petroleum pipeline, jeopardizing public safety and private property. In order to […]

D2 and the Environment

When you work with D2 Land & Water Resource, you can be confident that you’re working with a team of professionals with over 100 years combined experience. And you can feel good knowing that choosing D2 means you are ensuring your project is environmentally sound. Here are 5 ways working with D2 helps the environment: […]

Hard and Soft Armor Techniques

In 2010, D2 Land & Water Resource was contacted to assist in the design of a bank stabilization project along Little Laughery Creek in Batesville, Indiana. Over time, heavy rains had eroded the creek bank back toward a wastewater storage area causing the overflow spillway from the wastewater treatment to degrade. In order to stop […]

Native Plants & Bank Stabilization

In 2005, a new housing development alongside Cool Creek in Hamilton County, Indiana was being built. In order to accommodate the development, many trees had to be removed leaving the stream along Cool Creek in need of stabilization. A local civil engineering firm looking to perform a mitigation planting in the development contacted D2 Land […]