Engineered Solutions Projects

Engineered Solutions Projects

Erosion and Sediment Control

Erosion control is critical to many projects and is sometimes the sole purpose of a project. D2 is committed to providing the best erosion control products. D2 offers solutions based on site-specific needs. Whether a project’s goals include avoiding soil loss, mitigating wind/water erosion or eliminating water pollution, D2 can provide the products to meet your needs. D2 offers short and long-term solutions depending on the project needs. D2 is centrally located and offers quick, efficient shipping. We know that erosion control measures need to be implemented before a project is in full swing. We are ready to discuss your project needs and partner with you to provide the best solution.

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Porous & Permeable Pavement & Reinforcement


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Storm Water Management


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D2 Land & Water Resource is the Midwest Premier Engineered Solutions Provider with corporate headquarters centrally located in Indianapolis. Whether in Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Ohio, or Michigan, we deploy solutions that meet project goals.