Pervious and Permeable Pavements, and Pavement Reinforcements

Decrease flooding and recharge groundwater with our pervious and permeable pavements solutions.

At D2 Land & Water Resource, we give careful consideration of site characteristics and project needs to minimize stormwater runoff and maximize the water quality benefits that pervious and permeable pavements provide.

With pervious pavers, stormwater percolates through the surface rather than running off into surrounding areas or storm drains. With permeable pavers, the stormwater passes around them, instead of through.

When using pervious and permeable pavements, the rainwater drains through the pavement and into the ground keeping important water in the area instead being funneled through a pipe and pushed out to a river where it would flow away. Pervious and permeable pavements reduce downstream erosion and improve water quality.

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Soil Retention pervious and permeable pavements

Soil Retention

Drivable Grass

Presto Geosystems pervious and permeable pavements

Presto Geosystems

GeoBlock 5150

Huesker pervious and permeable pavements



Invisible Structures pervious and permeable pavements

Invisible Structures


Surface Tech pervious and permeable pavements

Surface Tech

ACE Fibers