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D2 Land & Water Resource is the premier engineered solutions provider in the Midwest.

Our mission is to provide the civil engineering community with site-specific solutions. Our engineered solutions are customized to meet your specific goals; whether driven by tight budget constraints, short timelines or other site needs, we can assist you in determining the best solutions for your project.

Any product your contractor needs, we have it in stock!

Working with D2 Land & Water Resources means you are working with professionals! At D2, we pride ourselves on offering top of the line engineered solutions customized to meet your project needs.

We will work with you to determine the best solutions for your site and its unique challenges by providing a wide-range of services and products from off-the-shelf items, to drafting of CAD details in our in-house CAD department.

We will be with you from start to finish!

For more information about our products or if you would like to discuss a site-specific consultation, please email us: info@d2lwr.com or call us toll free: 1-800-597-2180.

Our Team

Our Sales Team is comprised of licensed P.E.s as well as CPESC certified professionals, and our Engineered Solutions team is lead by a Licensed Professional Engineer.

Alan Sutkowski

President, CPESC

President and CPESC Alan Sutkowski has been a key partner in running the day-to-day operations of D2 since 2008. Managing a team of seasoned professionals, Alan improves existing and new vendor relationships, partners with contractors and engineers to develop site specific solutions for their projects.

By thoroughly researching all of D2’s offerings and staying current on industry advancements, Alan is in a unique position to ensure that D2 continues to create new and more efficient specifications for projects and products.  He is well versed in erosion control, sub-grade/base reinforcements, stormwater management and porous pavement.  Alan works diligently with customers to ensure that their projects have the best outcomes.

Jim Blazek

Vice President, CPESC

Vice President and General Manager Jim Blazek has been at D2 Land & Water Resource since its inception.

Through careful site analysis and evaluation, Jim promotes solution-based design. His collaboration with the design community results in budget preparation, design, specification development, and successful project installations. Jim advocates, aides, and encourages the utilization of proven and progressive technology with a wide variety of educational, municipal, and professional organizations.

Jim’s expertise is assisting others with site assessment, and then appropriately budgeting, specifying, and applying technology. Through outreach, presenting, and volunteering, Jim constantly encourages and motivates people to develop their knowledge base and further the practice of sustainable infrastructure design, installation, and maintenance.

Angie Bidlack, PE

Engineered Products Manager

Angie Bidlack brings wide-ranging experience in civil engineering, project management, and consultative sales to D2. Her background includes various aspects of transportation design, such as bridge structural analysis and roadway geometric design, along with substantial experience in hydraulic modeling of culverts, bridges, and dams/spillways. Angie takes pride in using her design and materials knowledge to provide value as a technical resource by assisting engineers, architects, and owners in finding the most innovative, effective solutions for any project.

Craig Miskowicz

Sales Manager

Craig Miskowicz joined the D2 team in 2018. Craig is the Sales Manager at D2 and has consultative engineering experience and construction experience. He works with our talented sales staff to help them provide the best site-specific solutions for our customers. Craig knows in this tight knit industry that customer satisfaction goes a long way and we must provide positive experiences to all involved including consulting firms, agencies., owners and the contractors who perform the work to get a project built.

Michael Bledsoe

Central Indiana Sales Manager

Michael Bledsoe has more than a decade of experience in the construction industry. As our Central Indiana Sales Manager, Michael works alongside customers to examine the issues that they are facing and to recommend the products that will best assist them in achieving their project goals. With expert knowledge of the products D2 stocks, Michael offers customized solutions and enhanced service for our customers.

Cap Boso


Cap Boso is an Indianapolis native who has been in the construction industry for nearly two decades. Cap’s long history in the construction industry in Indianapolis provides him a unique capability to connect people, projects, and products in ways that yield great outcomes.

Cap has sold and installed products to various entities throughout Central Indiana. Cap partners with architects, construction companies, customers, and engineers to determine optimal solutions and products for their project-specific needs. Cap also enjoys working with parks, schools, cities, and towns to help them develop green spaces.

Dan Chiles

Regional Sales Representative Northeast Indiana

Northeast Indiana Regional Sales Representative Dan Chiles joined the D2 team in early 2019, bringing almost two decades of industry experience to our Sales department.

With his extensive knowledge and environmental expertise, our Northeast Indiana customers can be confident that Dan will always find the best solution and product to fit their needs and overcome project challenges.


Al McAuliffe

Northwest Regional Sales Manager

Northwest Regional Sales Manager Al McAuliffe brings more than thirty years of industry experience to his role at D2.

Since 2005, Al has used his knowledge of “green” technology to assist D2 customers with all of their project needs. Whether erosion and sediment control, geosynthetics, or stormwater management, Al knows precisely which product will best help you achieve your project goals while being cost-effective, sustainable, and eco-friendly.

Steve Shoemaker

Southern Regional Manager

Steve has more than 30 years of construction and environmental project planning.  Steve contributes to D2’s sales, marketing, business development and strategic planning efforts.  He leads general construction and environmental projects within the southern region.

Steve’s career began in the geosynthetic industry.  His experience parlayed into being the CEO of Horizon Golf, a golf specialty contractor, where he was responsible for the construction and renovation efforts at more than 200 courses – including many award winning and internationally ranked properties.  Steve has created natural appearing lake and stream systems, waterfalls, rock scapes, channel remediation and other water features that incorporate geosynthetic components in their design.

George Overton

Logistics Manager & Purchasing Agent

George Overton joined D2 in 2006 and has more than twenty years of experience in logistics.

George manages the outbound logistics and inside sales at D2, so that D2 is always prepared to meet our customers’ needs and exceed their expectations.  George runs point to ensure that  product is being delivered according to the project schedule and partners with our customers to keep their projects moving. D2 customers know that they can count on George to get them what they need, when they need it.

Jake Roberts

Inside Sales and Support

Jake Roberts began working with D2 in 2006 as a CAD Tech.  Since that time, Jake has taken on additional responsibilities in relation to marketing, project design, and sales efforts. Jake’s experience and longevity with our organization makes him the go-to resource for technical questions and product driven solutions. He also supports the D2 engineered systems efforts by creating and maintaining an AutoCAD detail library.  Additionally, he supports the daily needs of D2 customers.

Matt Barbour


Matt Barbour is the Estimator at D2. Matt has more than 20 years of experience in the landscape and construction industries. His prior experience as a contractor, project manager and designer is instrumental when helping D2 clients find solutions. Matt’s previous positions before joining D2 allowed him to work with and gain knowledge of the various products offered by D2.

Aggie Wright

Accounts Receivable

Aggie Wright is a detail oriented, multi-skilled professional. She began her career at D2 in 2014 in a Sales and Administrative Support role. Aggie has more than 15 years of experience in the realm of customer service and business operations. Her prior experience as a purchasing agent, customer service representative, administrative assistant, and billing clerk is key in satisfying the needs of our customers. Aggie is now managing our accounts receivables. She works with D2 customers to ensure that they have the information they need to manage their accounts effectively.

Sarah Davis

Accounts Payable

Since 2012, Sarah Davis has been a member of the D2 team. She initially provided sales and service support to customers and the D2 team by facilitating order management, purchasing, and the receiving of products. This has positioned her to understand many facets of our business. Sarah is now handling accounts payable and various other bookkeeping functions.