MSE Vegetated Wall System

When the road between Little Eagle Creek and the Zionsville, IN golf course was in jeopardy of being compromised due to severe creek bank erosion, D2 Land and Water Resource stepped in and assisted with the bank stabilization design, and supplied an MSE vegetated wall system with turf reinforcement mats. Erosion control along Little Eagle Creek has been an ongoing challenge, but the MSE green wall utilizing native seeds and plugs with turf reinforcement mats has been holding up to the task.

Bank Stabilization_Geogrids

Bank Stabilization_Geogrids

In February 2011, Zionsville, Indiana had a near 100-year storm event forcing the city to close flooded roads that the City of Zionsville had never had to close before. Once the water receded, the City inspected the site and were thrilled to see that the MSE green wall system was still intact.

The MSE green wall system with native vegetation and turf reinforcement mats is stable immediately after construction completion. It’s strength of the system continues to increase as the native vegetation roots deeply into the constructed creek bank. After the near record flood event, the turf reinforcement mat had an enormous amount of sediment deposit on top; this sediment deposition is beneficial to the development of the native plant community.

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