Managing Stormwater - PaveDrain - City of Lafayette

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Municipalities, particularly CSO communities, face budget, space, and other challenges when striving to update their infrastructure and comply with Long Term Control Plans. Along Brown Street in Lafayette, Indiana, approximately 38 acres drained to nearly a mile of combined sewer. While designing the sewer upgrades, the team was tasked with focusing on resource recovery, sustainable practices, and protecting water quality and the environment.


The PaveDrain system consists of concrete PaveDrain blocks, which create a permeable surface. These PaveDrain blocks rest on a geogrid, above a stone base. Below and beside the stone, the excavation is surrounded by a high performance geosynthetic, which provides reinforcement and separation. This creates a high-performance pavement that allows for the storage and/or infiltration of stormwater, and can be customized to fit a variety of configurations. By handling stormwater runoff more efficiently than other permeable materials with an infiltration rate of hundreds of inches/hour the PaveDrain system recharges local groundwater, reduces the design flow and diameter of the storm sewer, and improves stormwater quality.


The result: Increased environmental performance, reduced stormwater infrastructure costs, and an attractive, permeable surface.


The City of Lafayette recently tested the performance of the PaveDrain system by releasing 2500 gallons of water from a hire hose at full blast. The water drained almost immediately, demonstrating that the system saw no discernable decrease in infiltration rates through its time in service.

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