Krispy Kreme - Jeffersonville, IN

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Krispy Kreme Donuts new store in Jeffersonville, IN required 5,072 cubic feet of water storage per the storm water requirements of the City of Jeffersonville on an extremely tight site.


After reviewing many available options, the chosen material for this location was the R-Tank System. R-tank is a modular system that can be assembled in a variety of heights from 9 ½ inches to 7 feet tall. This rigid system can be placed beneath a variety of surfaces including parking lots, streets, access roads, driveways, landscaping areas, and much more. It’s a versatile and can easily be constructed around existing facilities in the area.


Unique to R-tank is its 95% overall void space ratio, which allows it to be more efficient with its storm water storage than other similar products, resulting in less excavation and a smaller footprint. In investigating alternate solutions to R-tank, the design engineer found that while an alternate system would have a lower material cost; the underground storage area required would be significantly increased, making construction more difficult and driving up installed costs when compared to R-tank..


Because the design engineer fully evaluated the costs and constraints of the site and had their evaluation verified by the contractor, the most cost-effective detention solution for the site was selected. This project demonstrates why it’s imperative that all aspects of a project be evaluated prior to making design choices.

Products Used:

R-Tank System