Community Crossings

community crossingsDoes your town or small city need to improve its infrastructure? With a Community Crossings Award, the State’s local road and bridge matching grant program, you can receive up to a 75% match for your investment.

Community Crossings is a partnership between INDOT and Hoosier communities, both urban and rural, to invest in infrastructure projects that catalyze economic development, create jobs, and strengthen local transportation networks.

Since 2013, INDOT has provided more than $1 billion to cities, towns, and counties to complete the critical work of modernizing local roads and bridges. Community Crossings is a continuation of INDOT’s commitment to partner with communities to create local transportation networks that positively impact the quality of life for the people that drive, bike, and walk in the Crossroads of America.” (INDOT)

Applying for a grants of this nature can seem daunting, but the team of experts at D2 are ready to help you!

Our expertise in site-specific solutions means we can partner with you to help maximize your approach to making sustainable changes to your community. By sharing our insights into a variety of cutting-edge construction technologies, we can not only optimize your application, but ensure your road investment is sustainable, beneficial, and cost-effective for years to come.

INDOT will begin to accept applications on Monday, August 6, 2018. Contact us today, and we’ll make sure you’re ready!

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