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Project Overview
A rail intermodal facility in the southeast had an existing steep slope armored with riprap that had deteriorated over time. A section along the slope had become a maintenance challenge. When standard practices started to fell short of regulatory requirements, the rail facility started to look for other armoring solutions that would not only armor the slope but provide surficial stability and prevent the slope from becoming saturated.

Having heard of Concrete Cloth GCCM in the past, the asset owner determined that the material would serve as an ideal solution for armoring it’s 2:1 slope while reducing overall maintenance and regulatory concerns. Milliken Infrastructure helped support the project design by providing schematic drawings and onsite assistance.
Hulcher Services, a nationwide railroad services contractor, was called in to install over 30,000 sf of Milliken CC5. The crew installed upwards of 6,000 sf per day including percussion earth anchors.

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