Construction Mats Protect Concrete Pavers from Heavy Tracked Equipment

Originally published by Presto Geosystems

construction matsThe GEOTERRA Construction Mats were called into action to protect 7,300 sf ft of existing precast permeable concrete pavers from damage while accessing a sewage pump station on the Tennessee River.

Installation: The contractor placed a non-woven geotextile over the top of the concrete pavers, then assembled and placed the GEOTERRA mats over the geotextile.

While not required, the contractor elected to fill the GEOTERRA mats with sand as an extra layer of protection for the temporary access road.

Results: The project was a success as construction at the pump station took place without damage to the precast concrete blocks.

When access was no longer required, a vac truck was used to clear the sand—then the GEOTERRA mats were removed for future reuse.

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