Winter is Coming: Construction Products to Finish Your Projects

construction productsAs we head through fall towards winter, it’s time to wrap up projects before the temperature drops and the ground freezes.

At D2, our extensive inventory of construction products offers everything you need for your excavation and seeding projects!

Excavating Construction Products

If you’re planning on excavating, we stock geotextile and geogrids that provide a naturally better site-specific solution.

Our Geotextiles and Geogrids enhance the performance of any civil engineering project:

  • easy to work with and install
  • retain fine particles while allowing water to flow through acting as a filter rather than a drain.
  • maintain structural base.
  • assist with erosion and sediment control
  • reinforce soils
  • improve subsurface drainage & filtration

To see a full list of our inventory of construction products for excavation click here.

Seeding Products and Erosion & Sediment Control

Not only do we stock native seeds but we offer a full line of erosion and sediment control products. Whether you’re looking for hard armor, permanent, or temporary erosion and sediment control products, we have the green solution.

For information about seeding, erosion and sediment control, check out our articles:

And take a look at our erosion and sediment control inventory.

With temperatures dropping in the near future, it’s time to wrap up those construction projects – winter is coming!

For more information about our eco-friendly construction products, contact our team of experts today!