Curious About Coir?

Coir Fiber Productscoir fiber products

Difficult Jobs Made Easy…
D2 Coir fiber products and our Vegetated Coir Log technology ensures that you will successfully install and establish native plants on any project site, regardless of project difficulty.

Maintenance Free… 
D2 Vegetated Coir Logs require no maintenance or watering after installation.

D2 Vegetated Coir Logs allow a specifier to know with certainty that the system they designed will be provided; and an  installer to know that their installation will be successful with no call backs.

All Year Round…
D2 Vegetated Coir Logs allow the use of soil bioengineering techniques with woody or herbaceous species in spring, summer, fall, and winter.


coir fiber productsWhere are D2 Coir Fiber Products Useful?

  • sediment control and dewatering applications
  • slope, lake, and reservoir shorelines
  • beaches, dunes, tidal, estuary, and surge zone areas
  • wetland and riparian areas, waterways, stream and riverbanks, woodlands
  • 100% biodegradable options for environmentally

What Coir Products and Services are Available?

  • coir logs, coir mats, coir gabions, latex coir, coco peat, coir sandbags, and nursery products
  • auto cad details, site-specific recommendations and budgets, USACE certified insallers
  • multiple exterior net, net reinforcement, and anchor system options