Erosion Control Blankets or Straw Mats: Which Do You Need?

erosion control blanketsYou say either and I say either, you say neither and I say neither.” Have you ever heard that? Well, that’s how it can be with some erosion control products; some people say, “erosion control blankets” and some say, “straw mats or straw blankets,” but whichever, they’re talking about the same thing.

Erosion Control Products

Erosion control blankets and straw mats are designed to protect hills, slopes, wetlands, and banks from wind and water erosion. The temporary biodegradable products are made of natural materials such as coir, straw, or wood excelsior. They provide effective erosion control until vegetation is able to take root.

Benefits of Erosion Control Blankets

Depending on your specific project needs and the product you choose, erosion control blankets can do the following:

  • control storm water runoff
  • improve soil quality
  • enhance initial mulching and promotes seed germination
  • kick start the vegetation process allowing the vegetation to properly take root, supports and protects vegetation boosting its overall performance
  • decrease soil erosion

Temporary Erosion Control Products in Stock

No matter what your erosion control needs, we have the solution in stock!

  • coconut coir logs
  • coir erosion control mats
  • Siltworm
  • North American Green
  • Verdyol Biotic Earth
  • Eco Turf pins/stakes
  • Greenstakes

Whether you’re looking for an erosion control blanket, an erosion control straw mat, a straw erosion control mat, or a straw blanket, if you’re seeding, you need one to prevent erosion. However, choosing the right product for your project will depend on various factors. Our team of experts at D2 is ready to help!

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