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Hybrid Bank Stabilization

Tibbs and Banta Landfill Riverbank Fill Slope In the winter of 2002, the City of Indianapolis took action to address a critical erosion along a section of White River. Erosion along the river bank had exposed landfill debris and was threatening to expose a petroleum pipeline, jeopardizing public saf...
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PaveDrain & Sandy Soils

One-Way to Two-Way Street Conversion in Downtown South Bend, IN. Imagine a heavy rainstorm with two to three inches of rain falling by the hour and the stormwater gushing through the storm pipes. If the stormwater and the waste water are traveling through the same pipes (CSO), it doesn’t take lo...
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ACE Fiber Asphalt Reinforcement

Historically, Allen County, Indiana has had many problems on Tonkel Road due to heavy cracking at bridges and marshy areas. The county had tried interlayer products on this road previously without much success. In the summer of 2016, D2 Land & Water Resource approached Allen County with a soluti...
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