Prepare Your Yard with Pavement Reinforcement

Originally published by Presto Geosystems

Pothole Season Has Arrived!

Spring thaw can be hard on your aggregate and paved Yards and Terminals. Paving failures, potholes and rutting are unfortunate byproducts of the moisture and freeze-thaw associated with winter weather, combined with the heavy wheel loads that are inherent in the industry. Potholes and rutting can slow down operations, lead to equipment damage and increase maintenance.

Solve your surface stability problems using the GEOWEB geocells soil stabilization system.

presto geosystems can fix potholes with pavement reinforcement

The GEOWEB System:
Your Solution to Improve Pavement Performance

With over 30 years of heavy wheel load experience in the Railroad, Port, and Bulk Transfer industries, Presto’s GEOWEB® 3D soil stabilization system is a proven, low-cost and long-term repair solution that can solve your pavement degradation problems.

Pavement Reinforcement - GEOWEB 3D soil stabilization

The GEOWEB® Confinement Technology:

  • Can be installed in all weather conditions, in standing water and with soft subgrade conditions.
  • Can be used in both paved and unpaved areas.
  • Reduces aggregate sub base requirements by 50% or more.
  • Provides excellent vertical and horizontal drainage.
  • Allows for use of low grade on-site aggregate or sand, recycled concrete or asphalt, as fill.
  • Allows future paving over aggregate or sand filled GEOWEB panels.
  • Extends the life of aggregate, asphalt, concrete or RCC paved areas.

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