Planning for Rain with Stormwater Management

You don’t need to have been watching the news to know that there’s been plenty of rain in Indiana lately, and with The Old Farmer’s Almanac predicting warmer temperatures this winter there’s more rain and less snow on the cards for the Ohio Valley region.

While we can’t build you an arc, we can offer you products to help see you through:

Inlet Protection

  • Curb protection
  • Drop inlets

Stormwater Management

  • Drainage
  • Filtration
  • Permeable/Porous Pavements
  • Underground stormwater storage

If you need to regulate what’s entering waterways, property and storm sewers, our dewatering bags will eliminate sediment, by filtering silt out of water. Taking control to a new level, dewatering bags are designed to control sediment discharge in dewatering applications where water is being pumped. When pumped water reaches the dewatering bag, the suspended solids are allowed to settle out of the slowed flow and are captured by the bag. We have bags in stock that will fit pumps from 1” – 6” and can process up to 185,000 gallons per minute.

Don’t get caught in the rain unprepared! Give our team a call at 317.917.2180 and we’ll make sure your project can weather the storm.