Applied Polymer Systems

Applied Polymer Systems


As regulations evolve, Polyacrylamides (PAM) for flocculation have become an important tool for sites where traditional physical best management practices fall short. Applied Polymer Systems (APS) is a national leader in testing and manufacture of these materials.

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  • Removing total suspended solids (TSS) and reducing net turbidity unit (NTU) values in areas with high loads, fine particle sizes, and/or sensitive receiving waters.
  • Treatment of unique and difficult to treat pollutants of concern (POC), such as nutrients and dissolved metals.
  • Wide variety of applications, including demucking, dewatering, dust control, erosion control, pond and lake management, and water treatment.

  • All products are specifically tailored for a site’s unique soil type and water chemistry based on no-cost laboratory analysis.
  • Safe for aquatic organisms.
  • Solutions come in a variety of forms for ease of application, including APS 600 Series Silt Stop emulsions, APS 700 Series Floc Logs, and APS 700 Series Silt Stop powders.


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