Coir Logs

Coir Logs


With over 25 years of successful installation in North America (and 50 years in Europe), coir logs are a proven solution for both temporary and permanent erosion control.  Vegetated coir logs provide even greater benefit, as the pre-installed vegetation has a built-in food source, allowing it to thrive.

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  • Coconut coir logs: perimeter protection, inlet protection, permanent erosion control in areas where the desired vegetation will not establish a root structure to prevent future erosion (i.e., turf grasses at the toe of slope around golf course ponds).  Coconut coir logs are also commonly used at the interfaces of dissimilar materials and as breakpoints on longer slopes.
  • Vegetated coir logs: streambank and slope stabilization, especially where native plans are desirable and quick root establishment is advantageous.


  • Coconut coir logs used for temporary applications can be re-used on future projects or other areas of a site.
  • Vegetated coir logs establish a specific, beneficial plant community more quickly and help prevent invasive species.


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