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Contech Engineered Solutions is a leader in manufactured treatment devices.  Available solutions include filtration devices as well as hydrodynamic separators (HDS) to treat a variety of pollutants of concern, regulatory needs, and site constraints.

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  • HDS Units:  Cascade, CDS, and Vortechs:   This unit type induces a swirling motion to elongate the flow path and remove total suspended solids (TSS) in a tight footprint
    • Cascade:  The highest flow rates for the most cost-effective TSS removal, includes baffles for floatables and fats, oils, and grease (FOG) removal
    • CDS:  In addition to TSS and FOG, this unit incorporates a self-cleaning screen to remove neutrally buoyants (things that neither sink nor float) making it the best choice for trash-prone areas or TMDLs
    • Vortechs:  This vault system increases in footprint, not depth, to treat higher flows, making it an ideal choice in areas of shallow groundwater or bedrock
  • Filtration and Biofiltration Devices:  This treatment type targets smaller gradations of TSS as well as nutrients (nitrogen and phosphorous) and metals
    • StormFilter:  Rechargeable, media-filled cartridges with self-cleaning capabilities allow for longer maintenance intervals and targeted pollutant removal
    • Jellyfish Filter:  These membrane filters allow for easy cleaning by a wide variety of maintenance providers
    • Filterra:  Functioning like bioretention, this technology utilizes high performance engineered media with tight quality control to greatly reduce footprint and maintenance


  • Industry leading portfolio of technologies
  • Design support and regulatory guidance available
  • Expertise and availability throughout the US and beyond

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