Dandy Products

Dandy Products


Dandy has long been one of the most well-known names in inlet protection.  These products provide a cost-effective solution to control silt, sediment, and debris.  All Dandy products come in a variety of sizes to accommodate site-specific castings.

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  • Dandy Bags fit over the top of rectangular and round inlet grates to keep pollutants from entering the castings.
  • Dandy Curb Bags are a combination of top grate protection and a filter for curb inlet protection.
  • Dandy Curb is made especially for curb inlets and median inlets without Due to the absence of the grate, they are weighted by an aggregate pouch.
  • Dandy Sack is a strong, open-top bag specially designed to hang underneath a storm grate to filter stormwater, capturing and storing pollutants for longer maintenance cycles.
  • Dandy Curb Sack provides the benefits of the Dandy Sack with the inclusion of a filter for curb inlet protection.
  • Dandy Pop is designed to fully enclose a field grate in seconds. The vertical design and bright orange color is easily visible in the field.


  • Highly effective at blocking sediment and debris
  • Reusable
  • Wide variety of shapes and sizes are available


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