Dewatering Bags

Dewatering Bags


Sediment control in pumped water applications doesn’t need to be difficult.  Where traditional non-woven dewatering bags fail, high-strength, high-flow SoilTain bags are the answer.  Commonly utilized in environmental and coastal applications, this solution is also cost-effective for everyday site use.

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  • Sediment control for pumped dewatering
  • Consolidation of sludge and other environmental remediation
  • Revetment and basal reinforcement at dams and levees (when filled with solids)


  • Manufactured in standard and project-specific sizes, including applications with multiple pumps.
  • High tensile strength seams manufactured specifically for D2 prevent the blowouts that are the most common source of dewatering bag failure.
  • May be utilized with the Interface H20 FlocHog and FlocLogs for even higher performance in sensitive receiving waters.


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