Fabco Industries

Fabco Industries


Fabco specializes in stormwater filtration treatment products, manufacturing options ranging from catch basin inserts and screen boxes to bacteria-neutralizing media filtration.  Fabco is also known for their flexibility for retrofit applications and the ability to treat multiple pollutants of concern (POCs).

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  • Catch Basin Inserts:  StormBasin and Trench Drain lines utilize media filtration and have TSS, trash, nutrient, metal, hydrocarbon/FOG and bacteria removal capabilities
  • Screening:  ScreenBox, Flume ScreenBox, and Connector Pipe Screen treat trash and neutrally buoyant materials
  • Industrial Filtration:  Helix Filter and StormSafe Cartridge Vault target tough to treat bacteria and/or nutrient POCs


  • Fabco’s proprietary filtration medias can be customized to target specific priority pollutants or to simultaneously treat a range of pollutants commonly found in stormwater
  • Unique manufacturing capabilities allow Fabco systems to be tailored to tight spaces and existing infrastructure


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