Rolled erosion control products, such as Erosion Control Blankets and Turf Reinforcement Mats, are highly dependent on proper installation for performance.  Even heavier materials, like transition mats and Flexamat, require thoughtful termination, and a large part of this is selecting the right anchor.  From traditional staples and geopins, to more environmentally friendly biodegradable plastic options, to earth percussion anchors to provide additional strength to the soil veneer, D2 has you covered!

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See the Downloads sidebar for more information on the following fastener options:

  • GreenStake provides a biodegradable option in accordance with ASTM D5338 and D6400. It has an 18-month life to get the job done.  It also reduces risk of injury or damage to equipment from straight metal options such as pins or staples.
  • Eco-Stake is a 100% biodegradable hardwood pin with ample rigidity to enable being driven into hard ground, with sufficient flexibility to resist breakage.
  • Gripple Twist Pins offer quick and easy install with superior pull-out strength.
  • Gripple Earth Percussion Anchors come in zinc and stainless options to provide long-term veneer stability for use in the high-stress TRM and HPTRM applications.
  • We also stock geopins, staples, hardwood stakes, and more!


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