Fiber Reinforcement

Fiber Reinforcement


Fibers have long been used to reinforce concrete, but effective fiber reinforcement of asphalt pavement has only been made possible in the last decade.  ACE XP aramid polymer fiber additive is this technological breakthrough.  This easy-to-use product is typically added at the plant and goes down just like any other asphalt.  The only difference that will be visible on site is that the edge of the asphalt section may appear more vertical due to the increased reinforcement.  The long-term differences will be very visible:  outstanding results in both crack and rut resistance.

More Details


  • New asphalt pavements
  • Asphalt pavement overlays


  • 30% increased in performance for any mix design
  • 3-dimensional reinforcement increases asphalt’s resistance to reflective cracking, rutting, and fatigue for longer life expectancy.
  • Aramid fibers are incredibly strong:  The same material used for bulletproof vests
  • Sasobit wax coating allows for even distribution of fibers with no impacts to the asphalt mix


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