Filtrexx Sediment Control is a three-dimensional tubular sediment control and storm water runoff filtration device typically used for perimeter control of sediment and soluble pollutants (such as phosphorus and petroleum hydrocarbons), on and around construction activities. Filtrexx Sediment control traps sediment and soluble pollutants by filtering runoff water as it passes through the matrix of the sediment control and by allowing water to temporarily pond behind the sediment control, allowing deposition of suspended solids. Sediment control is also used to reduce runoff flow velocities on sloped surfaces.

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  • Filtrexx Sediment control is to be installed downslope of any disturbed area requiring erosion and sediment control and filtration of soluble pollutants from runoff
  • Sediment control is effective when installed perpendicular to sheet or low concentrated flow, and in areas that silt fence is normally considered appropriate


  • In nature, rainfall is detained and infiltrated into the ground where it can be naturally filtered. SiltSoxx™ Mimic Nature® by replicating this filtration on the surface
  • Slope interruption can be used on hill slopes to slow runoff velocity, dispense concentrated runoff, and reduce effective slope lengths; thereby reducing the erosive potential of stormwater runoff
  • Tubular filtration matrix allows for better trapping and removal of sediment and soluble pollutants in stormwater runoff compared to planar constructed sediment control devices (i.e., silt fence)


The D2 Breakdown…

Filtrexx® SiltSoxx™ use composted green residuals inside a patented mesh containment system to remove sediment and pollutants through filtration and deposition. SiltSoxx can also be used to slow runoff flow velocities on sloped surfaces, thereby reducing the transport of sediment and soluble pollutants.


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