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The simulated turf high flow erosion control mat shall provide the immediate finished look of natural grass along with the high flow erosion protection of large rock riprap, while establishing permanently reinforced vegetative cover. The mat shall consist of a UV stabilized, monolithic polyethylene simulated turf structure with approximate 7/16 inch by 5/8 inch rectangular apertures, backed with an engineered lightweight polyester geotextile.

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  • High flow channels and extreme slopes requiring maximum erosion protection
  • Drainage swales and slopes where an immediate vegetated look is desired and/or vegetation is slow to establish
  • Projects in arid areas where vegetation establishment is very slow and sparse
  • Overwinter project protection requiring several months of high performance erosion control without vegetation
  • Moderate flow culvert outfalls, downchutes, spillways and dams
  • Detention basins, lake shorelines, streambanks, canals, and levees


  • Reinforced turf performance from day one, no waiting on vegetation for effective erosion protection at shear stress >10 lbs/sf
  • Immediate erosion control equivalent to large rock riprap and other hard armor, at less than 1/2 the cost
  • Simple installation, just lay it and anchor it, no heavy equipment required
  • Aesthetically pleasing, green grassed-in finished look
  • Environmentally friendly, facilitates water filtration and infiltration
  • Highly UV stable and weather resistant, for permanent strength and durability
  • Easy, low-cost maintenance with standard mowing equipment


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