Flexamat tied concrete block mat is a permanent erosion control solution that couples the ease of installation of a rolled erosion control product with the performance of concrete.  It consists of 6.5 in by 6.5 in by 2.25 in concrete blocks locked together and embedded into a high strength geogrid.  The 1.5’ space between the blocks gives the mat flexibility and allows for optional vegetation growth.

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  • Slope and shoreline erosion control
  • Channel and roadside ditch protection
  • Landfill down chutes and letdowns
  • Pond spillway protection and boat ramps for pond maintenance
  • Bridge abutment scour protection, with the advantage of easier install than riprap under existing superstructure


  • Traversable with vehicles and may be mowed
  • Available with a variety of underlayments to encourage or discourage vegetation as desired
  • Easy install
  • Unit weight of 10 lb/sft allows lower anchoring requirements than other erosion control materials tested to ASTM D6460


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