Offering both temporary and permanent options, FlexStorm is a trusted name in inlet protection.  Options are available to fit a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and pollutants of concern, including petroleum hydrocarbons and total suspended solids (TSS).

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  • Catch-it Lite Inlet filters are adjustable, reusable temporary filters which include overflow bypass. The steel framing and filter bag are load-tested to 500 lbs.
  • Pure Inlet Filters are catch basin inserts intended for permanent use. They’re equipped with bypass features and configured to meet site-specific dimensions and specifications.


  • Overflow bypass prevents flooding in high-flow events
  • Catch-it Lite models are easier to install and maintain than fabric-only options.
  • Pure models with FX filter bags are rated for >80% total suspended solid (TSS) removal at OK-110 particle size. Pure models with PC/PC+ filter bags are rated at 97% total petroleum hydrocarbon (TPH) removal.
  • Pure models are often lower lead time than other permanent options.


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