FocalPoint High Performance Modular Biofiltration System is a scalable system which combines the efficiency of high flow rate engineered soils with the durability and modularity of a highly pervious expandable underdrain/storage/infiltration system.  FocalPoint is a complete, integrated system with a demanding specification that insures functionality and maintainability.  Performance is guaranteed through rigorous quality assurance standards and post-construction in-situ verification.

The FocalPoint’s modular underdrain, unlike a traditional perforated pipe, not only supports the flow rate of the media, but can be expanded beyond the media bed to provide unlimited underground detention, infiltration, and/or storage.  The 95% open area of the modular underdrain ensures the most efficient detention footprint possible.  This, coupled with the treatment abilities of the engineered soil of 100 in/hr,  allows more land to be developed versus other traditional surface and manufactured solutions, increasing long-term revenue and property value, while still providing desirable green space.

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  • Post-construction water quality control
  • Water quantity control (detention/infiltration)


  • Provides water quality and quantity control in a single, space and cost-efficient system (requires up to 30x less space than surface detention ponds)
  • Treats a wide variety of pollutants of concern, including TSS, nutrients (nitrogen and phosphorous), and bacteria
  • May be used in combination with traditional LID BMPs
  • Site-specific designs


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