GEOBLOCK and GEOBLOCK 5150 Vegetated Pavers

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GEOBLOCK and GEOBLOCK 5150 Vegetated Pavers


Create drivable grassed pavements for occasional traffic loading and protect the grass from loading stresses with GEOBLOCK high-strength turf pavers.  Because of their rigid design and exceptional load-spreading capability, GEOBLOCK porous pavements support heavy traffic loads (up to H/HS25) with minimal base.  With topsoil infill and an engineered base, the system offers high stormwater infiltration rates and is an excellent growing medium – allowing grass to grow faster and stay healthier.

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  • Parking areas
  • Fire lanes/utility lanes
  • Medians and shoulders
  • Cart paths
  • Trails and walkways


  • Rigid construction supports loads and protects root zones from compaction, even with more frequent trafficking
  • Recommended 30% topsoil/70% aggregate infill mix allows for better long-term plant health and less watering requirements than pavers that require sand infill
  • May be used with sod for an instant vegetated surface
  • Resistant to torsional stresses through shared walls and interlocking connection tabs
  • Multiple models/depths (GEOBLOCK and GEOBLOCK 5150) to provide the most cost-effective option for your subgrade and site-specific conditions


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