GEOWEB Pavement

GEOWEB Pavement


GEOWEB is the original geocell technology with a wide variety of applications, one of which is permeable pavements.  Through an interconnected honeycomb-like network, the 3D GEOWEB cells confine and stabilize soils that would otherwise be unstable under loading and allow them to be trafficked. Geocells are efficient and economical for fast-built unpaved roadways, both for aggregate and vegetated applications when using a 70%/30% stone and topsoil mix.  GEOWEB provides load support to reduce rutting and lower maintenance beyond what’s possible with stone or stone/soil infills alone.

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  • Site access roads (aggregate or vegetated)
  • Parking areas (aggregate or vegetated if occasional use)
  • Industrial/high load parking and storage yards
  • Roadway shoulders (aggregate or vegetated)


  • ATRA Accessories (connection keys, stake clips & anchors, and load transfer clips) for 3X strength and installation speed
  • Many different sizes provide a tailored, cost-efficient solution
  • High performance material, made in the USA


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