Hydraulically Applied Products

Hydraulically Applied Products


Whether classified as mulches, matrices, or mediums, hydraulically applied products can be used as an erosion control measure in conjunction with hydroseeding.  While the performance of hydraulically applied products for erosion control are more weather-dependent than blankets or blown straw, there are many solutions available to fit a variety of needs.  These can also be paired with soil amendments such as Verdyol and ProGanics.  We partner with Profile to provide high-performance hydraulically applied products.

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These advanced formulations provide protection on steeper slopes, with higher shear stresses and velocities than traditional mulches.

    • CocoFlex: Designed as an alternative to erosion control blankets with blended coconut and wood fibers, crimped interlocking man-made fibers, and additives that will stand up to tough conditions, CocoFlex has the longest functional longevity of any of the products in this family.  This Flexible Growth Medium can remain functional for up to two years.
    • FlexTerra: Also designed as an alternative to erosion control blankets with interlocking man-made and wood fibers, FlexTerra, another Flexible Growth Medium, can achieve functional longevity of up to 18 months.
    • ProMatrix: Classified as a Bonded Fiber Matrix, this is an easy-to-apply, cost-effective erosion control solution for slightly shallower slopes than Flexible Growth Mediums and can achieve functional longevity of up to 12 months.


Not all mulches are created equal – check out the Profile Mulch Brochure in the Downloads for details on which of these Profile products are best for your site.

    • Wood
    • Wood with Tackifier
    • Blend
    • Blend with Tackifier
    • Cellulose
    • Cellulose with Tackifier
    • CoverGrow: Containing wood and cellulose fibers, this versatile solution can be sprayed or dry spread and then activated by water.  It’s suitable to treating smaller bare spots or hydrospraying larger areas.


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