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Innovative Applied Solutions (IAS)


IAS Water Quality Skimmers are floating devices for erosion and sediment control applications, which release/drain the downstream surface water slowly from ponds, sediment traps or basins at a controlled flow rate. These devices help with stormwater management.

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  • IAS Skimmers skim clean water from the surface of sediment retention traps/basins where the water contains the least amount of suspended solids instead of draining from the bottom where sediment concentrations are at their highest, and sends it to a riser or the backside of a dam
  • Skimmer basins may be used in areas that are near high quality waters, buffer zones, environmentally sensitive areas, and/or sensitive watersheds, and where drainage areas are too large for a basin with a standard rock weir


  • IAS Skimmers have no moving parts to break, become clogged or seize up due to sediment
  • They avoid surface debris by skimming just under the surface of the water, making them virtually maintenance-free
  • Their lightweight, footed design resists becoming lodged in mud


The D2 Breakdown…

IAS Skimmers are proudly manufactured in the United States, including all parts and components.

~ Alan Sutkowski , PRESIDENT, CPESC

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