InstaTurf ShearForce

InstaTurf ShearForce


InstaTurf ShearForce hybrid turf instant armor mats feature a green simulated turf layer that provides protection and an attractive appearance from the moment of installation.  The simulated grass blades of the turf deflect rainfall impact and flow-induced shear stresses, substantially reducing erosive forces acting on the underlying soil.  The lightweight geotextile backing layer provides protection to the seed and fertilizer until emergence for a lush, natural look long-term.


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  • Outfall protection
  • Channel lining
  • Slope protection
  • Downspout splashpads
  • Anywhere initial performance and appearance is paramount


  • Immediately provides a vegetated appearance
  • Unvegetated performance much higher than conventional TRMs
  • ShearForce10 comes in lightweight rolls for easy installation. ShearForce12 comes in lightweight mats for more robust protection.
  • Cost-effective versus hard armor


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