Interface H2O Floc Hog & Floc Logs

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Interface H2O Floc Hog & Floc Logs


For sites where there is limited space available to produce the necessary contact time between the water and Polyacrylamides (PAM) via surface drainage, or speed is of the utmost importance, the Floc-Hog is an ideal solution.  When loaded with ready-to use PAM “Hog Logs”, and placed inline with the dewatering pump discharge, each unit can treat up to 500 GPM.

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  • Treated pollutants of concern include suspended and dissolved materials such as solubilized soils, colloidal solutions, and cationic metals
  • Used to bring challenging sites into permit compliance


  • Much smaller footprint than traditional flocculant delivery systems
  • Hog Logs/Floc Logs are uniquely formulated for site-specific needs based on a free laboratory analysis
  • Larger flows and more permanent applications are available through design assistance and the WaterMatrix system.


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