Kyowa Filter Units

Kyowa Filter Units


Kyowa Filter Units are an innovative erosion control/slope stabilization measure that allow smaller aggregate gradations to behave like large boulders.  These marine grade polyester nets come in a variety of sizes and weaves to provide a solution to resist the forces of both earth and water.

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  • Protect new construction
  • Stabilize failed or failing slopes
  • Mitigate scour holes at or near critical structures


  • Flexible nature allows the units to conform to non-uniform surfaces and respond to small settlements over time without failure
  • Filled on-site with aggregate to provide a mixture of advanced technology and local materials for quick install and  maximum cost-effectiveness
  • Multiple units may be connected for higher design velocities and greater factors of safety
  • 30+ year polymer net UV stability provides a long design life
  • May be backfilled with topsoil and vegetated


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