Moisture Management Geotextile

Moisture Management Geotextile


Lack of drainage is a top reason pavements fail.  H2Ri, the industry’s first moisture management geotextile, helps solve the problem, either alone or in conjunction with underdrains.  The two components of H2Ri (polypropylene and nylon) provide strength to reinforce while at the same time moving water away from the pavement. The interaction of nylon and polypropylene with water propel moisture, even against grade and in unsaturated conditions.  The fiber shape, along with the unique weave, keeps the material from clogging, managing moisture long-term and increasing pavement life.

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  • Subgrade reinforcement
  • Management of moisture in pavement sections
  • Enhancement or substitution of underdrains


  • Subgrade improvement of soft soils in all weather conditions
  • Increases pavement life through moisture management


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