Nonwoven Geotextiles

Nonwoven Geotextiles


Nonwoven geotextiles are produced by mechanically bonding random polypropylene fibers, and typically appear felt-like or “fuzzy”.  Nonwovens usually have a high initial flow rate (although they can be susceptible to clogging and blinding long-term) and excel at filtration and separation.  Their flexibility and high elongation allow nonwoven geotextiles to conform to and interact with dissimilar surfaces and materials.  For more information on specific nonwoven geotextiles for INDOT applications, check out our INDOT – What to Specify and Approved Products pages.  Or, you can always Contact Us for help navigating your application.

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  • INDOT standard materials/common public works uses:  Geotextile for riprap and revetment; geotextile for underdrains and drainage
  • Bond breaker for pavement overlays
  • Protection of geomembranes
  • Landscape fabric


  • Chemically stable in a wide range of aggressive environments
  • Wide variety of material weights available
  • Mirafi N-Series are high-quality, cost-effective solutions used for most nonwoven applications
  • Mirafi S-series nonwoven geotextiles feature increased control of material weight and thickness for sensitive applications such as landfills, fracking ponds, and other water management systems


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