Plastic Pipe & Chamber Detention Systems

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Plastic Pipe & Chamber Detention Systems


Whether made of polypropylene or polyethylene, plastic pipe and chamber detention systems are extremely inert, leading to system longevity.  HPDE pipe systems are available in any diameter in which HPDE pipe is manufactured, and can incorporate larger risers for full system access.  Although it may be perforated for infiltration or to allow storage in stone backfill, HPDE is a strong choice where a closed system is required.  Anywhere an open system is desired, chambers have long been a very cost-effective option.

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  • Stormwater detention on site development projects
  • Stormwater detention on roadway projects


  • Chambers are very cost-effective and typically have very low lead times
  • HDPE pipe options allow for closed systems with joint performance similar to the associate pipe
  • Both are available in a wide variety of sizes



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