Presto Geoweb

Presto Geoweb


Geoweb is a the original geocell technology with many different applications, one of which is turf reinforcement.  Through an interconnected honeycomb-like network, 3D Geoweb cells confine and stabilize soils that would otherwise be unstable.  In this application, Geoweb is typically used in conjunction with erosion control blankets to protect the seed and uppermost layer of soil until vegetation is established.

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  • Vegetated channel, slope, and outfall protection
  • May be filled with stone or gravel to provide unvegetated slopes or protect natural channel beds below the ordinary high water
  • May be filled with concrete to provide a flexible hard armor solution


  • Provides excellent protection of root systems in vegetated applications
  • Makes smaller rocks behave as larger gradations if filled with stone
  • High-performance material, made in the USA
  • Technologically advanced anchor systems allow for a wide variety of terminations and help to provide additional stabilization


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