Reinforced Soil Lifts

Reinforced Soil Lifts


Reinforced soil lifts are just as the name implies:  compacted courses of soil, typically around 1′ deep each, that incorporate geosynthetics to improve the shear strength of soil and allow for steeper slopes than would otherwise be possible.  Often referred to as reinforced soil slopes or RSS, this solution uses multiple engineered materials – often geogrid for reinforcement and high performance turf reinforcement mat for fascia – but many other options are available to address project-specific needs.  While not capable of slopes as steep as panel or modular block walls, this method allows for beautifully vegetated, easily installed steepened slopes.

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  • Vegetated steeped slopes
  • Protection of steep slopes that experience high hydraulic shear stresses
  • Rebuilding failed slopes


  • Provide external stability:  Hydraulic shear protection is provided by the surface treatment (i.e. may be very high)
  • Provide internal stability:  can address both veneer stability and global stability
  • Can easily follow curves
  • Accommodate differential settlement
  • Many different fascia treatments are available
  • Reinforcement may be varied depending on creep tolerance, height, etc.
  • Cost-effective versus conventional walls


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