Featuring unique, high-performance designs, Silt-Saver offers innovative solutions in both stage-released inlet protection and silt fence.  Their domed rigid inlet protection provides a low-maintenance solution to a common failure area, keeping the site in-compliance and work moving forward.  The 2-Stage Woven Belted Silt Fence couples high-performance scrim-reinforced fabric of varying weights with industry-best posts and post spacing.

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  • Both domed rigid inlet protection and 2-stage woven belted silt fence are ideal for accommodating high-flow areas.
  • Traditionally challenging to protect areas such as Karst features and beehive inlets


  • 2-stage construction provides exceptional filtration for sediment-laden low flows (96% efficiency) while allowing higher flows during larger storm events.
  • HDPE frame for domed rigid inlet protection may be reused indefinitely. The filter is designed for multiple uses with replacement fabric available as necessary.
  • Strength and performance-based protection eliminate costly failures and the need for routine replacement common with more traditional silt fence-based solutions.
  • High visibility features are included for enhanced site safety.


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