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Tensar InterAx Geogrid


The most advanced geosynthetic available for trafficked surfaces and foundation applications, InterAx geogrid combines coextrusion and advanced material science with an optimized geometry to dramatically improve soil interaction and trafficking performance.  It provides greater value vs. TriAx geogrid and other available technologies.  InterAx geogrid also drives superior performance across a broader range and quality of aggregate types and gradations, giving you more flexibility in your aggregate choice.

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  • Increasing lifespan of asphalt and gravel roadways and parking lots
  • Subgrade improvement for asphalt and gravel roadways and parking lots for faster construction
  • Foundation improvement for bridges, drainage structures, buildings, and crane pads


  • Coextruded material combines highly durable confinement with increased roughness to enhance surface friction and encourage aggregate embedment
  • Optimized geometry provides high rib and effective aspect ratios, and ensures performance when used with most roadway aggregate gradations common in the D2 service area


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