Verdyol Biotic Earth

Verdyol Biotic Earth


On-site soils can lack the essential organic materials, nutrients, microbial population, and pore space necessary to establish, grow, and sustain effective mature vegetation. Verdyol Biotic Earth is a natural, long-term solution to add the first layer of organic material, soil builders, and growth stimulants to mimic Mother Nature and help poor soils to come alive and vegetation to thrive.

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  • Improves poor soil structure
  • Helps establishment of sensitive native species
  • Routinely used with vegetated walls
  • Reduces the cost of hauling topsoil to the site


  • Nutrient-producing bacteria and Mycorrhizae to stimulate root-growth
  • Produces a soil ecosystem that renews itself, producing results indefinitely
  • High peat moss content also helps with water-efficiency


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