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Cardno Native Seeds

Product description

D2 is proud to partner with Cardno Nursery to offer various native plants and seed mixes.

Native plants are species that are indigenous to a particular habitat within a specific bio-geographic region. They have specific characteristics that contribute to their success.

Native plants:

  • are adapted to the region’s soil, hydrology, and climate.
  • have evolved defenses to many diseases and insect pests.
  • create deep and extensive root systems, which help to stabilize the soil column and create an environment favorable to building fertile soils rich in organic matter
  • absorb excess nutrients from runoff, enhancing infiltration during periods of heavy rain as well as drought.
  • provide habitat for butterflies, hummingbirds, songbirds, and beneficial insects.

In addition, native landscapes contribute to immediate and long-term ecosystem benefits, such as:

  • managing stormwater
  • restoring watersheds managing nutrient loading
  • mitigating habitat impacts
  • increasing wildlife habitat enhancing natural beauty
  • providing opportunity for public education

In the spirit of continuous improvement, Cardno has redesigned their native seed mixes for 2019 to provide greater diversity, increased coverage, and key pollinator food sources. In most mixes, Cardno has increased the number of flowering species. Cardno has also removed some poor-performing species from their mixes based on feedback from customers and internal restoration specialists. The Cardno Midwestern Mesic Pollinator Mix was improved with the addition of a temporary cover crop to make broadcasting easier and provide additional protection during the early establishment period.

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