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Contech erosion and sediment control

Product description

A-Jacks are concrete armor units designed to interlock into a flexible, highly permeable matrix. The ability of the A-Jacks system to dissipate energy and resist the erosive forces of flowing water allows it to protect against scour and erosion.
A-Jacks can be installed either randomly or in a uniform pattern. The voids formed within the A-Jacks matrix provide approximately 40% open space in the uniform placement pattern. These voids provide habitat for fish and other marine life when applied as a reef, revetment or as a soil support system in river applications. In addition, the voids may be backfilled with suitable soils and planted with a variety of vegetation including grasses, shrubs and trees above the normal base flow.

ArmorFlex is a flexible, interlocking matrix of cellular concrete blocks of uniform size, shape, and weight used for hard armor erosion control. ArmorFlex blocks have specific tested hydraulic capacities and are laced longitudinally with revetment cables to provide ease-of-handling and rapid installation.
ArmorFlex revetment systems combine the favorable aspects of lightweight blankets and meshes such as porosity, flexibility, vegetation encouragement and habitat enhancement with non-erodible self-weight and the high tractive force resistance of a rigid lining.

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