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Floc Logs

Product description

The Applied Polymer Systems, Inc. 700 Series Floc Log is a semi-hydrated polyacrylamide blended block that when placed within turbid water flows will remove fine particles and reduce NTU values. Each Floc Log is formulated for the soil and water chemistry of the geographical area where placement and usage are intended.

The Floc Log is one of the most innovative to using polyacrylamide blends in water applications. Not only is the Floc Log non-toxic, but it also eliminates the need for machinery or other electrical devices for pumping or mixing when using liquid materials to treat turbid water. The Floc Log contains materials that enhance its performance by reducing reaction times and decreasing NTU values. This enables the Floc Log to outperform the results of PAM or chitosan alone. The Floc Log is for use wherever turbid water flows occur. As with all Applied Polymer Systems, Inc. products, proper soil or water sample analysis must be done to determine which Floc Log type is correct for you soil.

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