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HUESKER Stabilenka®

Product description

Soil Reinforcement with Stabilenka:

When a high tensile strength geosynthetic is installed in soils which have been placed and compacted in layers, it forms a composite of geosynthetic and soil. The geosynthetic acts as a reinforcement due to its high frictional properties and its ability to absorb tensile forces.

Stabilenka, a fabric of great tensile strength produced from high modulus polyester, withsands high tensile forces even at low elongation. Thus, it is suitable in many applications where soil reinforcement is required in earthworks having small, acceptable deformations.


Stabilenka in Hydraulic Engineering:

Soil bearing capacity can also be quickly improved with Stabilenka for hydraulic engineering projects such as the construction of dikes, breakwaters or jetties. Stabilenka can be produced to size in large reinforcement mats and then simply laid by ship or by cable-laying frames. Large bags or tubes can also be made of Stabilenka which can be filled with sand and are mainly used to prevent soil erosion.

Embankments on Soft Subsoil:

When constructing embankments on soft subsoils such as peat or clay, there is often a risk of bearing capacity failure when construction rate is rapid and the shear resistance of the subsoil is exceeded. By installing Stabilenka between the subsoil and embankment fill, the soil’s bearing capacity is greatly increased. Stabilenka thus guarantees the external stability of the embankment until the subsoil is finally consolidated and an adequate soil shear strength is achieved.

A Reliable Construction Material:

Since its first installations in 1974, Stabilenka has proved its high standards of quality and industry acceptance in hundreds of projects. Long term records have been kept on numerous projects to obtain test data and experience for the design and computation of new soil foundation structures utilizing Stabilenka.

Detailed project studies and technical information leaflets are available for engineering design with Stabilenka.

HUESKER provide high quality goesynthetics as well as professional assistance in the project planning stage and on-site assistance when required.

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