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WaterMatrix™ equipment uses flocculation/chelation technology to capture and remove significant percentages of both suspended and dissolved contaminants within water (chemical remediation BMP).Fed by either pumps or gravitational flow, WaterMatrix units enable efficient polymer introduction, floc/chelate formation and contaminant removal processes within a single, self-contained unit. Whether the needed unit is intended for single-site, permanent applications or multiple-site, portable applications, performance effectiveness and efficiency in water quality improvement allows this equipment to economically service a wide variety of stormwater, site dewatering and process water applications.

The Floc Hog is a quick and easy way to introduce polymers (PAM) to surface waters to reduce turbidity and improve water quality. The unit is self-contained and ready to use with anionic polymer logs called “Hog Logs”. The polymers are added to the Floc Hog and secured on the mixing screen. The unit is then sealed and placed “inline” on the discharge line of an existing dewatering or trash pump. As the water is pumped through the Floc Hog, the polymers start to dissolve and mix in the remaining discharge hose.

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