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Maccaferri erosion and sediment control

Product description

Maccaferri Gabions are rectangular wire mesh baskets filled with rock at the project site to form flexible, permeable, monolithic structures such as retaining walls for commercial, industrial and road projects. When gabions are filled with stone they become large, flexible building blocks from which a broad range of structures can be built. Gabions are also used for erosion control, bank stabilization, channel linings, and weirs.

The main advantages of gabions are their strength and flexibility. Their wire construction can tolerate differential settlement without fracture. Hydrostatic pressure does not build up behind the gabion units because of their permeable nature. This ability to combine drainage and retention functions makes gabions ideal structures for slope stabilization.
The strength of Maccaferris gabions comes from a double twisted hexagonal steel wire mesh which is reinforced by selvedges of heavier wire running along the edges and by transverse diaphragms. The double twisted wire will not unravel, even when the gabion is cut.

Maccaferri gabions are easily assembled, and require no specialized labor; nearby rock can be used for fill. Maccaferri gabions are available with different levels of protective coating for durability. PVC coated gabions and lacing wire conform to the dimensions and fabrication requirements as specified in ASTM A975-97 and LEED requirements. The baskets, which are manufactured in our Maryland facility, contain between 90-95% post consumer recycled content.

Maccaferri Gabion Mattresses are used for permanent erosion control in channels, stream banks, spillways and stable slopes from surficial erosion. The stone confinement within the units allows for higher shear stress resistance than riprap. Made of PVC coated galvanized wire, gabion mattresses are divided into compartments and filled with stones at the project site. With lids closed, the gabion mattresses form flexible, permeable, monolithic structures. Considered a robust alternative to rip-rap, gabion mattresses offer long term performance against aggressive flow conditions and do not rely on vegetation for their hydraulic performance. The 100 ft (30 m) long units make installation fast and cost effective.

Green TerraMesh® is an environmentally friendly modular system used for soil reinforcement, such as mechanically stabilized earth slopes and embankments. Maccaferri Green Terramesh® incorporates an innovative formwork system that creates a “green” faced reinforced earth retaining wall in conjunction with polyester geogrids and compacted back fill. Maccaferri Green Terramesh® units have a factory fitted, biodegradable facing layer which retains a 300 mm layer of good quality topsoil to act as a nutrient reservoir.
Green Terramesh® is a completely assembled unit made of double twist heavily galvanized and PVC coated wire mesh lined with BioMac® and strengthened with a welded steel panel. No external support or shuttering is required when installing Green Terramesh®, decreasing considerably the installation time. A steel reinforcement mesh is factory assembled to provide rigidity to the faces. The steepest slope we recommend is 70° from the horizontal as it is difficult to successfully establish vegetation beyond this angle. Soil bioengineering techniques, like live staking and brush layering, can be used to create a more natural look to the structure.

MacMat® is a nonwoven geotextile matting of thick polyamide filaments designed to be secured over the vulnerable slope face to prevent surface erosion from run-off. Over 90% of the volume of the mat is voids and therefore is available for soil filling, maximizing the potential for establishing vegetation on the slope.
MacMat® is a three-dimensional permanent erosion control mat composed of UV stabilized, non-degradable synthetic fibers and heat bonded at the contact points. Maccaferri MacMat® immediately increases the soil’s resistance to erosion by providing an environment that enhances the growth of vegetation through the mat. Supplied in rolled form, MacMat® is anchored to the surface to be protected using anchors, staples or pins. Topsoil is brushed into the voids within the matrix. Seed can be applied to the surface before or after MacMat® is installed, as vegetation will develop unhindered by the matrix.
MacMat® R has an additional structural skeleton of Maccaferri double twist steel wire mesh within the polymer matrix. MacMat® R is a geo-composite TRM reinforced with a double twist mesh during the manufacturing process. MacMat® R is used on projects where the tensile strength and the shear resistance require a more preferment product. The double twist mesh integrated to the polypropylene matrix is galvanized for long lasting or galvanized with PVC coating for extreme durability.

Sack Gabions consist of a single double twist steel wire mesh panel and are supplied with steel reinforcing wires inserted during the manufacturing process. The wire used in the manufacture of the sack gabion is heavily zinc coated soft temper steel. Sack gabions are filled with rock at the project site to form flexible, permeable, monolithic structures used for emergency and river training works where local conditions require fast installation or where the water does not allow for easy access to the site and where underwater installation is necessary.

Maccaferri Terramesh® System is a versatile modular system used for soil reinforcement applications such as mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) walls; reinforced slope systems (RSS) and soil reinforcement. It is used for commercial, industrial, road works, erosion control, and bank stabilization.
Terramesh® structures rely upon the double twist steel wire mesh placed horizontally within the slope with backfill compacted upon it. The gabion type facing element of the Terramesh® System is fully integrated with the double twist mesh reinforcement and is dependent upon the final use of the structure. The double twist mesh reinforcement takes advantage of the friction acting along the surface of the wire and, more importantly, the mechanical interlocking properties of the backfill.
PVC gabions and PVC lacing wire conform to the dimensions and fabrication requirements as specified in ASTM A975-97 and LEED standards. The baskets which are manufactured in our Williamsport, MD facility, contain between 90-95% post consumer recycled content.
For durability, the zinc coated wire mesh is protected by a polymeric barrier made of PVC. Maccaferri Terramesh® has been evaluated by HITEC (with the collaboration of AASHTO and FHWA) for a 75 year design.

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