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Presto Geosystems GeoRunner Flow Protection

Product description

Georunner Surface Protection Mats reduce soil compaction and turf damage caused by concentrated light-to-medium loads from vehicles and foot traffic. While excellent for temporary use, the mats can also be used for permanent, light-weight applications.


Benefits include reducing mud tracking from construction site entrances, bridging over sandy areas for light-weight access of vehicles, wheel chairs or foot traffic. The mat’s open mesh design allows sunlight and water to permeate, maintaining healthy turf. The mats are light-weight, easily transported between jobs and only require minimal storage space. They’re easily cleaned for multiple uses and do not absorb water and soil like plywood.

Soil & Turf Protection Applications
Construction vehicle and equipment access over grass
Light-weight trail-hardening system over sand or soils
Barrier-free access across sandy areas and around playground equipment
Deck/patio protection from construction site debris
Storage surface for small trailers and boots
Garage/basement floor liner

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